Maccah For Construction & Urbanization Company


⦁Owning, developing, and urbanizing real estate and areas adjacent to the Holy Mosque in Mecca, as well as any other regions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

⦁ Establishing developmental projects and urban development in the areas owned by the company or in other regions, and implementing their urban and economic plans.

⦁ Carrying out all necessary work for construction, development, maintenance, demolition, and surveying.

⦁ Establishing, managing, and investing in residential buildings and complexes, as well as their maintenance, renovation, and cleanliness.

⦁ Establishing, owning, managing, and operating hotels, hotel apartments, commercial markets (malls), hospitals, and medical centers.

⦁ Managing and leasing owned or leased properties (residential and non-residential (

⦁ The company may have an interest in or collaborate in any way with entities, companies, or individuals engaged in similar businesses or those that assist it in achieving its purposes. It may also buy them, and it may invest its funds in a manner that serves its interests.

⦁ Establishing a private civil security company.
The company is authorized to achieve its objectives in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in multiple phases in a manner that fulfills the implementation of the royal directives and royal orders issued in this regard.
Additionally, the company may, in accordance with the aforementioned, engage in any necessary or complementary activities to directly achieve those objectives or in partnership with other companies.

Achievements of Mecca Construction and Development Company


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The Commercial Center

The center is equipped with 40 escalators and 14 elevators to facilitate the entry and exit of visitors. There are tenants and successful partners, including IBRAHIM AL-QURASHI, Movenpick, an unnamed business, NAKHLA AL-OUD, DARAH, QISSA, Al-Husseini, Ajmal, Burger King, Reef, The Beauty Secrets, KAFOUR, Zamzam, FINDRA, Al-MUSBAH, Al-Arabia for Watches, QAZZAZ, Al-Daham for Watches, Abdul Samad Al-QURASHI, McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Eastern Abaya, Al Rajhi Bank, ZAHRA AL-RAWDA Pharmacies, Nahdi Pharmacies, Rolex, Al-Ghazali, Natural Touch, La Petite, Hardee’s, Bin Dawood, JANED, AL-HILWAH, Giordano, Asghar Ali, Hajj and Umrah Gift Shop, SADAFCO Saudi Arabia, Baskin-Robbins, etc.
The commercial center is also distinguished by having a mosque located on two floors (the fourth and fifth floors) for both men and women, accommodating up to 20,000 worshipers. It is equipped with 238 restroom units and 525 light units, with a qualified team responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the mosque and restroom facilities at the highest level.

The management of the commercial center has taken steps to train and employ qualified Saudi youth in various departments. The localization rate in the commercial center has reached 35.5% of the total workforce.
The commercial center is considered one of the first commercial centers in the central area to implement an application for obtaining permits (entry of goods, exit of goods, maintenance, etc.), making it easier for tenants.
Additionally, the commercial center is among the pioneers in the central region in utilizing electronic contracts through the ” EJAR ” platform.